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Carefully selected producers from Western European countries

Our product portfolio contains only quality products, which are made by following very high standards throughout the whole production process. We cooperate only with manufacturers who have years of experience in production, product development and research. In that way, we can be certain of offering products of the same quality as those offered by internationally renowned large corporations.

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Widest portfolio for cable connectors available on the market

We mainly specialise in cable connectors. After long-term market observation, product selection and purchasing negotiations, we can say for certain that we have the widest portfolio of cable connectors on the market.

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Range of 1,000+ Morek brand products

It is important for every customer to use their time efficiently and concentrate on their main activity. We have compiled our portfolio in such a way that it represents the entire product range of cable connectors, and also accommodates the most specified expectations. Therefore, the portfolio includes more than 1,000 items and the number continues to grow.

Since we are sure of the quality of the offered products, we have assembled them all under the Morek quality brand. Selling products under our own brand name provides our guarantee that the supplied product meets the highest quality standard.

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Certificates, declarations issued to/by Morek Group

In addition to quality, it is also essential that the products are safe and meet the criteria of existing regulations and standards. In our product range, you find items for which certifications have been issued by internationally acknowledged certification bodies such as UL, FIMKO and Lloyd’s.

CE and RoHS declarations of conformity are self-evident keywords in the case of our product portfolio.

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Morek brand products offered at a good price-quality ratio

The Morek Group companies are represented in 6 different countries so we have a permanent overview of the product range offered on our home markets and the price range. We have direct contact with different manufacturers and considerable purchase volume for bulk purchases. As a result, we can offer our customers products that are always above the average in terms of quality offered on the market while at reasonable prices. Our entire product portfolio is compiled by considering such price and quality criteria.

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Innovative approach

For us, innovation begins with seemingly small things.


On the one hand, it is everything that makes the customers life easier, e.g. placing a product order that is faster and simpler in comparison with what is usually offered on the market, or a quickly navigable product catalogue.

On the other hand, it is the products offered to the customers that differ from what is available in a standard range.

We also offer tailor-made solutions, which take into account the requirements of a particular customer and are especially produced at the plant for them. We have also added some products to the portfolio that consider both the market demands and what the customers may not know to ask for, yet which make their basic work easier and save time, installation space and money (e.g. universal terminals OTL, insulated copper flexibars Moflex, gel joints Break, multigates, OTH 240 terminals, etc.)

Our manufacturing plants have the required competence, flexibility and production capacity for testing and manufacturing special orders over many decades.

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5-year guarantee

We are convinced of our products’ reliability and that is why we give a 5-year guarantee on all our products.

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Timely deliveries

Our central warehouses are located in Estonia, Lithuania and Czech Republic. Goods can be shipped from any of these warehouses. Depending on the destination location, the express delivery time can be 24 h or even a couple of hours. Thereby, we ensure that the customers will get their goods exactly by the time they need them.

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Quick claim settlement

We respond to all our customers’ possible claims as promptly as possible.. Unlike large corporations, we are able to solve technical problems with products very quickly because there are few management levels in our organisation – communication between different countries and employees takes place quickly and directly, and a production specialist of whatever product is always only a maximum of two contacts away from the customer.

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Continuous representation at exhibitions

Following new market trends, getting an overview of competitors’ activities, receiving feedback on products and meeting suppliers and customers in order to find new, innovative and suitable solutions are only a few keywords of what our aims are at international professional exhibitions. That is why we consider participation at these exhibitions to be extremely important. Our booth can be found at major fairs in the field of electrotechnics such as Amper Fair in Czech Republic, Energetab in Poland, SähköTeleValo in Finland and soon also at Hannover Messe in Germany.

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The promise

One of the fundamental principles of the company’s operation is the promise that all the employees know the basis on which the products are selected and the services are designed. According to this, the customer can make their most important choice – whether the products and services of this company are for them or not.

Our promise is that Morek brand products are quality products.
Since this is the foundation of our business success, we never compromise on that.

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Service staff of dedicated persons

We are a sales company that is a partner to its customers. Being a good partner for us primarily means understanding the needs of different market segments and providing services/products to those customers for whom we can create more value than our direct competitors. Successful sales promotion for us includes several activities that we engage in both pre-sale and post-sale to ensure customer satisfaction and long-term customer relations.

The entire Morek Group staff is committed to working every day to attain these objectives. We know that this is the only way for both our customers and ourselves to be successful.

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Steady growing over the years

Morek Group has steadily grown every year since its establishment. The growth has occurred during the construction sector boom as well as the global recession. Today, we are represented in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Czech Republic. Steady growth will also continue in the coming years.

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Credit rating amongst the TOP 16% companies in Estonia

Invoices paid on time, sufficient amount of products in the warehouses, timely paid salaries, tools suitable for the employees, etc. – all these things require the availability of sufficient circulating capital. Morek IT OÜ, the parent company of Morek Group, has an AA credit rating which places it among the TOP 16% of companies in Estonia.

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Conflict minerals policy

Morek Group supports the goal of ending violence, human rights violations and environmental devastation in the DRC. We comply with any requirements applicable to our Group under the US “Conflict Minerals” rules and will follow EU law under “Conflict Minerals” regulation as soon as it will be confirmed.

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18 years of experience in electrotechnical field

Today, Morek Group includes 7 companies in 9 different European countries. The founding company – Morek IT OÜ – was established at the beginning of 2004 in Estonia. The higher education in the field of electrical engineering and previous relevant long-term professional experience of the enterprise founders facilitated the company’s successful start-up and rapid growth. Today, we are a very strong experience-based group that has field-specific experience of 16 years.

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