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Distribution blocks
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Distribution and branching blocks are used for creating different electrical junctions, connecting larger cables to smaller ones or creating smaller branches off the electrical main. Our range of various distribution and branching blocks is created to cover the majority of typical applications, including Al/Cu connections (with OJL series).

OJL range Moblock range MAG range 5-pole terminal SLT range


Distribution blocks OJL are intended for distributing conductors with larger cross-section to several smaller ones. These blocks are provided in 6 standard designs with a nominal connecting crosssection of 70 mm² Al/Cu (6 outputs for copper cable), 120 mm² Al/Cu (11 outputs for copper cable) and 240 mm² Al/Cu (7 outputs for copper cable). AF and AFS models are designed for connecting (input) of flexibars 10 x 25 mm or several other bars of 1 x 25 mm.

Distribution blocks Moblock are offered in two-pole (up to 35 mm² and 125A) and four-pole (up to 50 mm² and 160A) versions. Terminal blocks are placed on isolated brackets and are covered with easily removable transparent plastic cover. Terminal blocks are covered with a plastic part also from the bottom and between each busbar an insulating barrier is included.

Distribution terminals MAG 25 are designed to connect copper cables in the range of 2,5 to 25 mm². Universal quick-mounting unit for horizontal and vertical mounting for 35 mm mounting rails. Contacts are made of MS 58, contact screws are made of zincplated steel. IP protection class for MAG 25 terminals is IP20.

5 pole terminal plate is designed to connect copper cables in the range of 2,5 to 16 mm². Feed-through wires can be placed into the terminal without cutting the conductor. Branching wires can be connected additionally to the feed-through wire.

Distribution blocks SLT are designed for copper and aluminium conductors. The blocks are suitable for all types of copper or aluminium conductors with cross-section up to 50 mm² (Al) / 35 mm² (Cu). Multiple copper wires can be placed to the blocks according to the respective terminal type. IP protection class for blocks is IP23. SLT distribution blocks come in 2-, 4- and 6-terminal sizes, with some models providing additional connection points for connecting small conductors (e.g. LED lights)

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