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N/PE- and bow terminals
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N/PE-busbars are used in switchgear and other systems to ensure safe and reliable connection for neutral and safety grounding. Our range of N/PE busbars includes products with modular or bimetallic design, allowing us to provide solutions for most applications.

BB range Modular N/PE MPIN PEN connectors
IP00 terminals IP20 terminals Bow terminals

Bow terminals,


BB series of terminals are made for customers who prefer flexibility of connections within their projects. The terminal bars can be cut to size and mounted using the special terminal holders. The conductive part of the terminals is made of brass, the connecting parts are made of Zn galvanized steel. The terminal bars are available in different sizes, for cross-sections of up to 35 mm2, covering even the more demanding projects.

Modular N/PE-busbars are used in switchgears and other systems to ensure safe and reliable connection for neutral and safety grounding. Construction of busbar system is modular and allows a possibility to order special configurations according to clients needs.

MPIN terminals for residual current devices are a simple way to add additional connection points to RCD's neutral output without needing a separate neutral bar in the switchboard, saving the much-needed space in the enclosure. The MPIN terminals come in 2 models, allowing the connection of 3x16 mm2 or 6x16 mm2 conductors to a single terminal.

Using OT/OL-PEN connectors, you can easily split TN-C (PEN) system into TN-S (PE+N) by removing the connecting bridge between the terminals. OT/OL-PEN connectors are designed to be used with both copper and aluminium conductors and are screw-mounted directly to the backplate of the cabinet.

Our single-pole terminals (bridges) can be mounted on DIN rail crosswise. The bridges of the holders are made of highly thermally and mechanically resistant fire-retardant material. These bridges come in IP00 or IP20 protection class. They are offered in three color variations.

Bow terminals MAE-E and MAE-H are designed for mounting on copper or aluminium busbar with thickness of 5 or 10 mm, enabling fastening copper and aluminium wires up to 185 mm² or up to 10x20mm Moflex flexibars. Terminals have bimetal plate between busbar and cable connection. MAE-H terminals include a bimetallic plate, allowing use of both aluminium and copper connectors.

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