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Device connectors
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Device connectors are designed to connect aluminium and copper cables directly to the device, busbar or other bolt-connection. Our range includes a variety of insulated and uninsulated connectors (including heavy duty range OL), covering the majority of typical applications.

SR range OT range OL/OLI range OTH range


Insulated device connectors SR are designed to connect aluminium and copper cables directly to the device, reducing the connecting cross-section of the cable. The material of the body and tightening screws is tin-plated aluminium, plastic cover is made of self-extinguishing polyamide. IP protection class for SR device connectors is IP20.

Universal device connectors OT are used to connect copper and aluminium conductors directly to the device or to the busbar, using a bolt connection. OT range has connectors for either one or two conductors. The clamp body and tightening screws are made of a special aluminium alloy and galvanized by Sn.

Heavy-duty device connectors OL are intended for connecting copper and aluminium conductors in nominal cross-section from 6 to 2x300 mm². Heavy duty connectors OL are designed for connecting one or two conductors. Individual parts of terminals are made of stainless steel (clamp), copper (bridge) and steel (screw). OL connectors are also available on insulated bases, as OLI series.

Device connectors OTH are used for connecting multiple large-cross-section copper and aluminium conductors directly to a switchgear device's single connection point, allowing 3x300 mm² or 4x240 mm² connections.

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