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Cable entry plates
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Cable entry plates are metal or plastic reinforced cable gland plates for leading through both low and medium power current cables as well as various types of tubing. The products fit directly to B- or C-standard aperture (FL13 or FL21). Cable entry plates do not need any separate gaskets or glands which make Multigates very easy to use, providing innumerable advantages in a single assembly unit. Cable entry plates are made of various type of polymers, all of which are RoHS approved and have excellent weather, UV- and ozone resistance. Oil resistant models are also available. Cable entry plates are available with plastic locking pins, which can be used to fit the cable entry plates to metal as well as plastic enclosures (indoor application).

MC (FL21, IP67/68) MC (FL21, IP65) MC, LMC (IP44/54/55) RMC (IP65)
MB (FL13, IP55/66/67) MHF (IP66) SCG, MC (Splitting, IP55)


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