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Cable glands and grommets
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We offer a wide range of feed-through solutions for single cables and tubing, including plastic and metal cable glands and various single grommets for both M- and PG-sized holes.

Cable glands, plastic Cable glands, metal

Ventilation glands

and plugs

T-VET (IP67) T-GET (IP67) T-GD (IP54) MGD, M20-80


We are offering a wide range of M- and PG-sized cable glands, for firm fastening of incoming and outgoing cables, while retaining the IP68 protection class. In addition to standard PA6 plastic cable glands we are also offering metal cable glands in brass (heavy duty applications), stainless steel (food- and chemical industry) and EMC (shielded cables) cable glands. Additionally, our range includes non-standard sizes for more demanding projects.

Our product range contains innovative ventilation glands and -plugs. These are used to avoid temperature differences in- and outside of the enclosure, which often lead to condensation inside the enclosure and subsequent corrosion. Using ventilation glands or -plugs will prevent that, by allowing the warm air to escape the enclosure while still maintaining the IP-class of the enclosure.

Single cable grommets with various design can be used for leading through both low and medium power current cables as well as various types of tubings. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and available for both PG-and mm-openings. Single grommets are available in many different polymers with different characteristics, such as weather, UV-and ozone resistance, oil resistance and ROHS compliance.

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