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Insulated copper flexibars Moflex


Bare and tinned insulated copper flexibars

Insulated copper flexibars Moflex are manufactured out of highly flexible copper strips either in bare or tinned version. They are insulated with high quality mechanical, electrical and self-extinguishing PVC.

Comparing with regular copper cable connections with Insulated copper flexibars Moflex – Moflex saves you time and money. Due to skin effect, on average 45% smaller cross section is needed compared to regular copper cable.


Technical details


  • Electrolytic copper Cu-ETP 99,90%.
  • Available in plain or tin plated copper.


  • Self-extinguishing UL 94 V-0 black PVC insulation.
  • Elongation: > 200 %.
  • Tensile strength: > 15 N/mm².
Electrical characteristics


  • Nominal voltage 1000 V AC – 1500 V DC.
  • Dielectric strength of the insulation: > 20 KV/mm.
  • Operating temperature: -40° C* up to 105° C*.
  • * not during dynamic pressure

How to choose Insulated copper flexibars Moflex

ΔT = temperature rise of the Moflex conductor (°C)
T1 = internal temperature of the switchboard (°C)
T2 = temperature of the Moflex conductor (°C)

For example, In = 1000A connection

Step 1:
T1 = 35°C and T2 = 85°C
ΔT = T2 – T1
ΔT = 85°C – 35°C
ΔT = 50°C
Step 2:
Please find from the Insulated copper flexibars Moflex technical table
column ΔT = 50 the closest value of the 1000A.
MMC0321001 Moflex 32x1x10, 320 mm², 1049A
MMC0630501 Moflex 63x1x5, 315 mm², 1040A.
Step 3:
Select the Insulated copper flexibars Moflex according to the equipment terminal width.
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