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Gel joints Break


Gel filled underground connections’ joints

Gel joints Break series is suitable to guarantee insulation of low voltage main and shunted, single-pole and multi-pole connections ranging from 0,6/1 kV.

The list of products is made up of a series for main connections and a series for shunted connections. The first series allows single-pole and multi-pole connections with max. section respectively of 1×185 mm² and 4×25 mm²; the second series allows single-pole and multi-pole shunted connections with max. section respectively of 1×120 mm² e 4×10 mm².

The insulation phase in each joint is made with a separator included in the kit or with the innovative modular insulated terminals, up to five phases with max. section of 35 mm².


Technical specifications


  • Protection degree IP68
  • Operating temperature from -20 °C to +90 °C
Regulations compliance


  • EN 50393 (0.6/1 kV)
  • EN 60529
  • RoHS Directive 2011/65/EC
  • 20-37/2-1, 20-37/7
  • EN 60695-2-11
Components and characteristics


  • Two polypropylene hinged shells with patented water tight system, made up of a longitudinal ribbing functioning as the gel containing bulkhead. At both ends there are pre-fractured walls that allow gel overflowing, ensuring a good water tightness.
  • Wire slipping is avoided in longitudinal direction thanks to ribbing at the ends of the shells and in transversal direction thanks to wire fixing with tie-wraps included in the package.
  • Patented separator made up of two notched plates that allow a reciprocal jointing and two protrusions that block the plates.
  • There are two holes at the ends of each model to insert and fix tie-wraps. Joint opening can occur only using a tool according to norm CEI 64-8.


  • Re-enterable connection
  • High mechanical strength with wide range of operating temperature
  • Fast laying
  • Cross-linked gel in the two shells (avoiding additional casting)
  • Versatility of application, even in submerged conditions
  • High watertight properties
  • High dielectric strength
  • Non-sliding wires
  • High strength against chemical agents or UV rays
  • No expiration date


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